Creators of PHARMiQUEST


We created a pioneer nichesourcing platform for pharma & biotech: PHARMiQUEST. It is a marketplace for health intelligence and know-how, as well as a useful resource centre.

PHARMiQUEST is a consultancy marketplace where pharma & biotech professionals and managers seek solutions offering reward or get rewarded for their expertise.

PHARMiQUEST offers tools for quick Q&A, public challenges and targeted intelligence sourcing. It is also a gateway to pharma & biotech related resources.

The platform is free to use, but is accessible only by invitation.

Here is how you can benefit from using PHARMiQUEST:

  • Get rapid intelligence, insights, feedback from top pharma, biotech and health care experts
  • Post your problem as an open public challenge with unique reward system
  • Target your query to a narrow group of specialists
  • Earn money or simply exchange intelligence without any payments
  • Monitor the exchange to identify trends, opportunities and early warnings
  • Build your professional network or supplement your in-house team
  • Develop your own consultancy business
  • Identify research resources for your own projects
  • Raise your profile by participation in non-profit research
  • Search or post jobs and events
  • Have fun using the game-like features