Creators of PHARMiQUEST


Our reports, presentations, publications and decision analytic models support research and marketing activities. We offer ongoing intelligence support and rapid reaction on demand.

We achieve long lasting impact through robust research and targeted publication in peer-reviewed journals.

Our analyses suport decision making throughout Europe: in the UK, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Hungary and Russia.

Our collaborative engagements catalyse research on an ongoing basis.

Recent peer-reviewed publications:

Wex J, Abou-Setta AM, Clerici G, Di Renzo GC. Atosiban versus betamimetics in the treatment of preterm labour in Italy: clinical and economic importance of side-effects. Eur J Obstet Gynecol Reprod Biol 2011;157(2):128-35.
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